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About Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

On January 1, 2007, the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (TST) was founded at Tilburg University, following a merger between the Catholic Theological University in Utrecht and the Tilburg Faculty of Theology.

  • TST is recognized by the Holy See and the Bishops' Conference of the Netherlands.
  • TST is responsible for providing academic instruction and scientific support for Catholic theology and other related fields of study (e.g. philosophy, psychology, sociology and religious studies).
  • TST strives to guide and instruct people who are preparing for ecclesiastical, social or scientific positions that involve questions about faith, meaning and existence. These positions include pastoral care and teaching.
  • TST welcomes all students who are interested in theology or who would like to deepen their faith as well as their ability to think critically.
  • TST is the only Catholic School of Theology in the Netherlands to offer scientific instruction that provides entry to ecclesiastical offices and services (e.g. future priests, deacons and pastoral workers).
  • TST is located in two cities: Utrecht and Tilburg.