Departments Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

The School of Catholic Theology has three departments:

Biblical Sciences and Church History

In the department of Biblical Sciences and Church History, the following disciplines are represented:

  • Hebrew, Latin, and Greek
  • Judaism
  • Church history
  • Liturgical history
  • Old and New Testament

Practical Theology and Religious Studies

In the department of Practical Theology and Religious Studies, the following disciplines are represented:

  • Practical theology
    • Catechetics - including teacher training
    • Building the Church community
    • Church social welfare work
    • Poimenics
  • Social sciences
    • Sociology of religion
    • Psychology of religion and pastoral psychology
  • Religious studies
  • Supervision

Systematic Theology and Philosophy

In the department of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, the following disciplines are represented:

  • Canon law
  • Philosophy
  • Moral theology
  • Systematic theology