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First four MA CSAI students graduated

Published: 24th May 2023 Last updated: 25th May 2023

On March 24, 2023, the first four students graduated from our MSc. in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence.

A special moment!

We would like to congratulate the first four graduates of our MSc. in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, which 2-year technical program launched in 2020: Sander van Donkelaar, Alexis Lombard, Alberto Garcia Arroba Parrilla, and Harold Pijpelink (not shown in the picture):

These students worked on a wide variety of thesis topics:

  • Sander van Donkelaar: Superpixel-based Context Restoration for Self-supervised Pancreas Segmentation from CT scans (supervisor: Sharon Ong)
  • Alexis Lombard: Investigating the Effects of Training Distilled Bert Models’ Intermediate Representations on Semantic Probing Tasks (supervisor: Afra Alishahi)
  • Alberto Garcia Arroba Parrilla: Polyphonic sound event detection for highly dense birdsong scenes (supervisor: Dan Stowell)
  • Harold Pijpelink (not on the picture above): Distillation and generalization in deep reinforcement learning (supervisor: Giacomo Spigler)