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Past Events

  • 07-7-2021: TAISIG lecture by  Maryam Alimardani (17:00-18:00).
  • 12-7-2021: CSAI Department Day
  • 02-7-2021: Koko Visser: Exoplanet detection using Convolutional Neural Networks (DL)
  • 01-7-2021: Mitja Nikolaus (Aix-Marseille University):  Evaluating the Acquisition of Semantic Knowledge from Cross-situational Learning in Artificial Neural Networks (CL&PL; 10:00-11:00) 
  • 01-7-2021: Rachael E. Jack on Designing digital agent faces using psychological science.  (17:00-18:00; see the AI Forward Forum website for more details)
  • 30-6-2021: CSAI Colloquium talk by Drew AbneyThe Complexity Matching Hypothesis for Human Communication (15:00-16:00)
  • 25-6-2021: Sharon Ong: Automated segmentation of osteolytic lesions in whole-body CT imaging of multiple myeloma patients (DL)
  • 22-6-2021: PhD defense Yaser Norouzzadeh, Player Behavior Modeling in Video Games (16:00h, Aula Tilburg University)
  • 17-6-2021: TAISIG lectures by Sharon Ong and Yash Satsangi (17:00-18:00).
  • 16-6-2021: CSAI Colloquium talk by Babak TaatiAmbient Monitoring to Improve Quality of Care and Quality of Life for Long-term Care Residents (15:00 - 16:00)
  • 04-6-2021: Ester Vidaña-Vila: Real-time Acoustic Event Classification in Urban Environments using Low-cost Devices (DL) (10:00 - 11:00)
  • 02-6-2021: CSAI Colloquium talk: Open mic by Dan Stowell (15:00 - 15:30)
  • 28-5-2021: Sander Boelders: Predicting Cognitive Function in Patients with Meningiomas from Clinical Variables and MRI Images (DL)
  • 27-5-2021: Cecilia Heyes on the social origins of intelligence (17:00-18:00; see the AI Forward Forum website for more details)
  • 21-5-2021: Stefan Bloemheuvel: Time series analysis on graphs: Graph Signal Processing and Graph Neural Networks (DL) (10:00 - 11:00)
  • 20-5-2021: TAISIG lectures by Afra Alishahi and Pieter Spronck (5-6PM)
  • 19-5-2021: CSAI Colloquium talk by Silvy Collin: Flexibility of Schemas (15:00 - 15:30)
  • 30-4-2021: Roi Santos: Exploring Variational Autoencoders for Unsupervised Art Attribution (DL)
  • 23-4-2021: Gabriel Raya: Hamiltonian Generative Networks (DL)
  • 22-4-2021:  Aida Nematzadeh (DeepMind): Learning language by observing the world and learning about the world from language (CL&PL)
  • 22-4-2021: ICAI day at JADS, featuring the KPN Responsible AI lab
  • 22-4-2021: TAISIG lecture by Lieke Gelderloos (5-6 PM)
  • 21-4-2021: Itir Önal Ertugrul: Synthesizing facial expressions for action unit intensity estimation (15:00 - 15:30; CSAI Colloquium talk)
  • 16-4-2021: Jurgen van den Hoogen: Deep Learning Applications for Signal Classification in Fault Diagnosis (DL)
  • 26-3-2021: Georgios Vlassopoulos on transparent AI (DL)
  • 25-3-2021: Dan Stowell: Towards animal conversation analysis (CL&PL)
  • 19-3-2021: Nils Hendrix on CNNs for Automated Detection of Scaphoid Fractures (DL)
  • 18-3-2021: TAISIG lectures by Eva Vanmassenhove and Max Louwerse (5-6PM)

CL&PL: Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics

DL: Deep Learning (Fridays 10-11AM)

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