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Recent news

  • DSS student Mick van der Spoel has won the Philips Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Health Care thesis award (€3,000). The project on generating missing MRI scan types from available other scans was supervised by Sharon Ong and concerned a research question that was developed based on the WeCare project with the ETZ neurosurgery unit. Mick will receive the award at the KHMW (Royal Holland Company for Sciences) on Nov. 29th. 15:30-16:30. It will be an online ceremony; a livestream can be followed via a clearly visible button "Livestream Award ceremony 29 November 2021" on the website www.khmw.nl.
  • The Dutch Brain Olympiad (organised by Marijn van Wingerden and others) has opened the registrations for highschool students. DBO takes place on February 12, 2022 - There are local events in Nijmegen, Amsterdam and Groningen and a simultaneous online competition. See also www.hersenolympiade.nl and follow @hersenolympiade on Twitter for more updates.
  • CSAI Blog 3: The First of Many – publishing your first academic papers as a PhD researcher. Read more

In the past...

  • This year, Tilburg University (MindLabs) is serving as the host for BRA1N.IO Hackathon for the first time. The event is organized as part of the IEEE SMC 2021 conference. Around 300 participants from all parts of the world are competing in this event that started yesterday morning and will end today at 14:00. From our university, 6 CSAI bachelor students (in two teams) are participating. 
  • On September 13 Nienke Bierhuizen (CSAI Master Student 2020) presented a full paper at the 25th Conference on CyberPsychology, Cybertherapy and Social Networking (Milan).  The paper title was "Influence of Photorealism and Non-Photorealism on Connection in Social VR" (co-authors Wendy Powell, Tina Mioch, Omar Niamut and Hans Stokking)
  • Elisabeth Huis in 't Veld is nominated for the Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs. The university will launch a promotional campaign next week, so please keep an eye out and vote!
  • Eva Vanmassenhove organized a lunch talk by 'De Lage Landen' and 'De Taalunie'  for 'de Week van het Nederlands', together with Marc Van Oosterdorp (Radboud University) and Lauren Fonteyn (Leiden University).
  • Max Louwerse's recent blog on Psychology Today "How We Extract Meaning From Language" was promoted to Essential Reads in Cognition.
  • Max Louwerse received a PPS grant in a public-private research project worth €540,410 entitled "Development of virtual human templates using photogrammetry" in collaboration with NuFormer and Reblika.
  • The new MindLabs building reaches its tallest point in the building process. See https://mindlabsinprogress.nl/#bouwcam
  • During the Night of the Refugee on September 11-12, 2021, twelve CSAI colleagues walked 40km during the night and jointly collected 4.000 euro to support the 80 million refugees worldwide. For more information and to contribute, please visit the website (donations are still possible until November 2021).
  • Silvy Collin made a semi-naturalistic episodic memory research stimulus set available publicly.
  • The SpaceBuzz project led by Max Louwerse received the Tilburg University Impact Award 2021. Congratulations to the team!
  • Marie Postma's lecture for the University of the Netherlands is now available online. Check out the website for more videos from our group!
  • Max Louwerse published a popular science book 'Keeping those words in mind: How language creates meaning'
  • Dan Stowell co-organised a data challenge as part of DCASE 2021 workshop, on "few-shot bioacoustic event detection".
  • CSAI Blog 2: From Kitchen Table Conversations to the Future of AI - The AI Forward Forum. Read more
  • CSAI Blog 1: The Voice of the Artist: Dimitar Shterionov at Ars Electronica Festival 2021. Read more.
  • Lisa Koutsoviti Koumeri (PhD student at Hasselt University, supervised by Gonzalo Nápoles) got the Best Paper Award at the 25th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition.
  • Marie Postma and Silvy Collin feature in a video lecture for children (in Dutch): Corona en je brein: de invloed van online les 
  • Culture and Science NWO has granted millions to fund a new round of research addressing questions of the National Research Agenda. One of the projects that will be funded is Opening the Black Box of Deep Learning for Language, Speech and Music in which (among others) Afra Alishahi and Grzegorz Chrupala will collaborate. Read more about this project.
  • Researchers have developed app against needle fear
  • MindLabs starts five new innovation projects €8.5 million in investments from Regional Deal and partners
  • Gonzalo Nápoles in collaboration with Dr. Maikel Leon from the University of Miami, USA supervised the student paper entitled: “Symbolic Explanation Module for Fuzzy Cognitive Map-based Reasoning Models” that has been accepted as a regular paper at the AI-2020 Fortieth SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (http://www.bcs-sgai.org/ai2020/). The paper will be published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.
  • Gonzalo Nápoles has been awarded a senior postdoc position by the FWO for his research proposal: “Hybrid and interpretable models based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for the modeling and simulation of complex systems.” (250kEU)
  • SpaceBuzz is winner of not one but two Webby Awards honoring the best of the Internet:
    People’s Voice Winner Video Entertainment (Immersive And Mixed Reality)
    Webby Winner Video Entertainment (Immersive And Mixed Reality)
    Contact person for CS&AI: Max Louwerse
  • CSAI researchers Henry Brighton, Emmanuel Keuleers, Max Louwerse and Eric Postma are involved in KPN Responsible AI lab of JADS.