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AI Forward Forum Talk Series: Josh Bongard

Date: Time: 18:00 Location: Online

What comes about when computer science meets biology? The short answer is xenobots, that is, programmable organisms. Xenobots are constructed from frog cells and their design is informed by evolutionary algorithms. On October 21, 18:00 hrs Professor Josh Bongard (University of Vermont) will give an online talk about xenobots, organized by AI Forward Forum.

Title: "On red herrings, iguanas, and xenobots: a curious tale of AI, told in two parts"

Abstract: The enduring enigma of intelligent behavior has long since shattered AI research into cliques chasing particular behaviors, like language understanding or computer vision, or particular structures, like neurons or genes. But many long for a return to holism: the growing clamor for AGI echoes the previous generation’s cry: “Why not the whole iguana”? In this talk, I present a potential “iguana”: the xenobot, a computer designed organism. Xenobots may more readily reveal the foundations of intelligent action than naturally evolved organisms, thereby providing a step toward more intelligent and more reliable intelligent systems.

Everyone is welcome to join this and other events organized by AI Forward Forum. Knowledge about AI is not necessary.


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