Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

Educational Institute Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

The Educational Institute comprises all activities related to the Bachelor's, Pre-Master's and Master's programs.The staff of the Educational Institute are responsible for preparing and carrying out the educational policy of the School, which includes developing and innovating educational programs, quality control, internationalization, tutoring and program counseling, and the organization and planning of the educational program.

The Educational Institute also includes the official secretariat of the School's internal internal Educational Consultations, the Curriculum Committee, the Examinations Committee and other forms of educational consultation. In addition, the Institute informs students and lecturers about the organization of educational matters in the School, which includes information about the various educational programs, the (preliminary) examinations regulations, and timetables and schedules for lectures and (preliminary) examinations.

Executive Committee Educational Institute

The person immediately responsible for the Educational Institute is the vice-dean of education. The executive committee consists of the vice-dean of education and the managing director of the Educational Institute.

Vice-dean of Education

 Managing Director Educational Institute

Educational Consulation

The program directors and vice-dean discuss at least six times per year all issues regarding education.

Vice-dean of Education, chair

 Managing Director Educational Institute

Program Director Data Science and Society

Program Director Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Program Director Communication and Information Sciences

Program Director Philosophy

Program Director Online Culture: Art, Media and Society / Culture Studies

Program Director Liberal Arts and Sciences

Program Director Research Master Language and Communication

Student advisor

Anneloes van Delft

Examination Board


Requests can be submitted via email: tshd.excom@tilburguniversity.edu. See the website Examination Board Humanities and Digital Sciences for the necessary forms. The secretariat of the Examination Board can be found in the Dante building, room D338.

Examination Board

  • Chair
    Dr. Rein Cozijn
  • Vice chair and member Bachelor Liberal Arts and Science
    Dr. Gerwin van der Laan
  • Member Bachelor/master Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence; Master Data Science and Society
    Dr. Bruno Nicenboim
    Dr. Paula Roncaglia
  • Member Bachelor/master Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen
    Dr. Jan Engelen 
  • Member Bachelor/master Philosophy; Lerarenopleiding Filosofie
    Dr. Nathan Wildman
  • Member Bachelor Online Culture: Art, Media and Society; Master Kunst en Cultuurwetenschappen; Lerarenopleiding Nederlands
    Dr. Rian Aarts
  • External member
    Dr. Cor Sluijter

Composition of the Examination Board Research Master

  • Chair
    Dr. Frans Folkvord
  • Member
    Dr. Lennert Coenen
  • External member
    Dr. Cor Sluijter

Administrative secretaries

  • Esmée Rutten, LLM
  • Hélène Spiertz, BA



Curriculum Committee

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

E-mail: pc-csai@tilburguniversity.edu

  • Afra Alishahi
  • Gonzalo Nápoles
  • Dennis Lindberg (student member BSc)
  • Saher Rangwala (student member BSc)
  • Harold Pijpelink (student member MSc)

Communication and Information Sciences

E-mail: pc-cis@tilburguniversity.edu

  • Loes Janssen
  • Sara Pabian
  • Joost Schilperoord
  • Per van der Wijst
  • Jan de Wit
  • Desiree van den Berg (student member BSc)
  • Wouter Snik (student member BSc)
  • Bart de Leest (student member MSc)
  • Julia Mulder (student member MSc)

Culture Studies

E-mail: pc-culturestudies@tilburguniversity.edu

  • Ad Backus
  • Mingyi Hou
  • Chris Andres (student member Ba)
  • Jessaline Tanjung (student member Ba)
  • Ege Okant (student member Ma)

Data Science and Society

E-mail: pc-dss@tilburguniversity.edu

  • Ekaterini Ioannou
  • Leonie Vogelsmeier
  • Marijn van Wingerden
  • Milan Fedorik (student member MSc)
  • Martijn Logtenberg (student member MSc)
  • David Steenmeijer (student member MSc)

Liberal Arts and Sciences

E-mail: pc-las@tilburguniversity.edu

  • Ellen Dreezens
  • Rimma Grishmanovskaya
  • Rik Peters
  • Jan Hendrik Valgaeren
  • Vincente Enrique Noero Spicker (student member Ba)
  • Timeja Liplin Serbetar (student member Ba)
  • Loic Segers (student member Ba)
  • Anna Walsweer (student member Ba)


E-mail: pc-philosophy@tilburguniversity.edu

  • Alfred Archer
  • Willem van der Deijl
  • Hanne Jacobs
  • Mark Edelbloedt (student member Ba)
  • Mike Muijen (student member Ba)
  • Xiyue Yang (student member Ma)

Research Master in Linguistics and Communication Sciences

E-mail: pc-rema@tilburguniversity.edu

  • Ad Backus
  • Neil Cohn
  • Sari Patoor (student member MSc)
  • Nataliia Vdovychenko (student member MSc)


E-mail: pc-ult@tilburguniversity.edu

  • Ipek Bayrak
  • Henri van den Hout
  • Joop van der Kuip
  • Stijn van Boxtel (student member TSB)
  • Evi Habets (student member TiSEM)
  • Shirin Sarvi (student member FIL)
  • Iris Wijnands (student member NED)

The Curriculum Committees advise the Vice Dean of Education, either on request or on their own initiative, on policy, organisational and content-related aspects of the various Bachelor's and Master's programmes offered by the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. The committees are also involved in quality control of the education.

Program Directors Educational Institute

For the management of the various programs, the vice-dean is assisted by the program directors. Every department has a program director, who is in charge of the proper execution of the Education and Assessment Regulations of the programs that the department in question is responsible for.

Data Science and Society

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Communication and Information Sciences


Online Culture: Art, Media and Society / Culture Studies

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Research Master Language and Communication

Core Staff Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dean / Program Director Social Sciences

Vice-dean / Academic Director

Senior Policy Advisor / Program Director Business and Economics

Program Director Arts and Humanities

Program Director Cognitive Neuroscience

Program Director Law in an International Context

Academic Advisor

Study Progress Advisor

Coordinator of PASS

Management / Office Assistant

Junior Policy Advisor

Teaching Assistants

    Educational Coordinators

    Thesis Coordinators - Bachelor's Programs

    Bachelor's program Online Culture: Art, Media and Society

    Bachelor's program Communication and Information Sciences

    Bachelor's program Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

    Bachelor's program Philosophy

    Thesis Coordinators - Master's Programs

    Master's program Culture Studies

    Master's program Communication and Information Sciences

    Master's program Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

    Master Data Science and Society

    Master's program Philosophy

    Coordinators Research Master Language and Communication

    Coordinator service education Philosophy

    Counselors - Theses and PhD Candidates