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Combine insights from social sciences, law, humanities, business and cognitive neuroscience to tackle key issues in today's society.

University College Tilburg offers the Bachelor’s program of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), which combines a broad and interdisciplinary education with in-depth specialization. The interdisciplinary approach of the program enables students to gain understanding of complex global issues in contemporary society and to look for creative solutions. To achieve this intellectual flexibility, lectures are team-taught by lecturers from different academic backgrounds and research traditions. This method of instruction is unique to University College Tilburg.

The Program

The LAS program is a small-scale program, characterized by a high level of student activity and interactivity. Students are expected to actively contribute to lectures and seminars by arguing their point of view in an in-class discussion or by giving a presentation. In doing so, students actively train and improve their academic skills, such as scientific reasoning, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and their presentation skills. The small class size and the interactive character of the program allow for this strong emphasis on the training of academic skills.

  • In the first year students are acquainted with various scientific disciplines within the social sciences and humanities: law, business, economics, cognitive neuroscience, psychology and sociology, history, literature and philosophy.
  • In the second year students specialize by choosing one of five majors: Business and Economics, Law in an International Context, Social Sciences: Human Behavior, Arts and Humanities: Past – Present – Future, or Cognitive Neuroscience: Brain and Cognition. Additionally, students choose several elective courses, enabling them to customize their study program and specialize in a field of interest.
  • The curriculum of the third year allows students to choose a minor program. Most of our students do so abroad at one of our renowned partner universities. In the second semester, students write their Bachelor's thesis, select a ‘professional practice’ elective, which prepares them for the labour market’ and takes the concluding and interdisciplinary course on LAS topics. After successful completion of the program, depending on their major, they are awarded either a Bachelor of Science Degree or Bachelor of Arts degree.