University College Tilburg University

From the Dean University College Tilburg

Alkeline van Lenning

Welcome to University College Tilburg. Our mission is to give ambitious and internationally oriented students and scholars the scope and opportunity to develop themselves. To achieve this, we provide academic education in an open and participatory community. The objective: to educate independent, critical thinkers who jointly address issues from various academic perspectives.

University College is a place for young thinkers who enjoy debate and like to engage in an open discussion. Students who are prepared to work hard, look across international borders, and want to be broadly inspired. Students who find it important to have personal contact with professors and fellow students and embrace new teaching methods like team teaching and virtual lectures. In sum: students who want to be well prepared for their next steps in the world. These students will be in the right place at University College Tilburg.

My dream for University College Tilburg is that it will become a talent pool for these thinkers of the future, a place where they feel heard and where they can develop. My dream is furthermore that University College Tilburg will simultaneously inspire academic research, since looking at issues from various academic perspectives will not only bring new insights to students but to scientists as well. Thus, University College will be a place where disciplines interact, and also a place where society is nourished. In this way, new ideas for the academic research of the future will emerge.

Alkeline van Lenning