University College Tilburg University


University College Tilburg is housed in the Dante Building, right in the middle of the Tilburg University campus, where students and teachers form part of the entire campus community. As a result, LAS students can enlarge their network and broaden their horizon by learning from students from other study programs and benefit from all the facilities, such as restaurants, the university library, and the Sports Center.

Located on the ground floor of the Dante Building, the heart of UC Tilburg lies in the Common Room, which was specially designed for LAS students. This room serves as an inspirational meeting place for students: a space where they work together on group assignments, project and discuss films, organized information sessions about the program, discuss course-related issues and hold celebrations. The Common Room was renamed the “Willem Witteveen Room” in 2014 to honor and commemorate the founding father of the program, prof. dr. Willem Witteveen.

UC Tilburg offers an optional residential setting, which means that LAS students can make use of the accommodation of UC Tilburg at Talent Square, where one floor is reserved for LAS students. However, there is no obligation for students to do so, instead they can opt for housing elsewhere in the city.