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UC Tilburg is an academic international community with students coming from more than 30 different countries. Although, the Tilburg University campus offers many opportunities for multicultural experiences and formation of international friendships, Extra Muros, the official study association of UC Tilburg, takes it a step further and gives LAS students the opportunity to discover and enjoy their student life “outside the walls”. Every LAS student can join Extra Muros and participate in a broad variety of academic activities, social gatherings, cultural events and study trips to foreign countries, such as Italy, Turkey, Greece and Morocco.


The UC Tilburg community extends past the three years of study and we continue to stay connected with alumni through various activities. Every year, we invite graduates to inspire current students by sharing their professional path and stories of their life after graduation during the Career Day. At our social events, alumni meet with students in an informal setting to share their perspectives and interests. To view and attend more social opportunities throughout the year, alumni can join the LinkedIn group and Facebook group.

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