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Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

Strategic Plan Tilburg University 2018-2021

Help prepare our university for the future!

The preparations for drafting our university’s new Strategic Plan for the period 2018-2021 are in full swing. This plan will help us prepare for the future, give shape to the development of higher education in the Netherlands, and anticipate the challenges and developments in our society. The Strategic Plan 2018-2021 contains the vision and focus based on which Tilburg University wants to develop in the coming years.

The Executive Board thinks it is essential that the choices to be made will be broadly supported and are animated by the knowledge and expertise widely available in our academic community and among our external stakeholders. Therefore, the new strategy will be defined by all the university’s internal and external stakeholders in an intensive dialog.

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Your opinion on the Dimensions for the Strategy

In preparation for this dialogue a set of Dimensions for the Strategy have been formulated. These comprise seven dimensions along which our university could develop. No content-based decisions have been taken with regard to any of these; they are all subject of discussion. We want to ask all our stakeholders to give us their opinions on these dimensions, and to add and share with us what their wishes, needs, and insights are with regard to the future development of our university.


On March 9, a big event with students and staff called Speech2025 took place. During Speech2025, we entered into a dialog with everyone who wanted to contribute to our university’s strategy. A large delegation of researchers, teachers, students, managers, support staff – presented their ideas. The question at stake was how we all see the future of our university and what we want to achieve together. This did not only concern the primary processes of teaching and research but also the impact that the university wants to achieve and the role it wants to play in society and the world at large. Read the book report on Speech2025 here!

Meetings with our stakeholders

Our alumni were also asked to provide input, based on the same dimensions and themes. The alumni meetings took place in Tilburg (February 20), ’s-Hertogenbosch (February 16), and Utrecht (February 13), and lead to a good turnout by interested alumni. Another meeting was organized on March 7, for our most important corporate relations, including the City of Tilburg, the Province, and other educational institutions.

Consultation on the draft Strategic Plan

All these activities provided us with useful input to formulate the draft Strategic Plan. This draft will make a tour of the various formal consultation bodies to generate broad support for the decision-making. More information on the process and the schedule as well as substantive information relevant to these events is available on this website.

Join the process and stay informed

We will keep you informed of developments and important dates via the website and newsletters, but we will also give anyone the opportunity to react to and interact in every phase in the process. You can do this by signing up for the closed Tilburg University Strategic Plan Facebook group. Please feel free to think about what you would like to share or present during Speech2025 and on our interactive platform.

All co-operation and input will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time, energy, thinking, and sharing!

Development Strategic Plan on course

Under the direction of the Executive Board, the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan is developing in line with the schedule. At the moment, it is in the convergence phase. A so-called One-Page Strategy has been made: a summary outlining the choices for the university’s development in the next few years. A first complete draft of the Plan has been completed as well. These two documents have been submitted for review to the Deans of the Schools and for copy-editing to a number of colleagues. The One-Page Strategy has also been submitted to the University Council.

Facebook group for interaction: https://www.facebook.com/groups/667421306761377/