Understanding Society

Tilburg University is convinced that it can contribute to solving social issues by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations.

The Seventh Framework Programme: FP7

Starting Grant

claes Dr. M. Claes

The European and National constitutional law project, 2008-09-01 to 2013-02-28
This project aims to contribute to the scientific debate by going back to the fundamentals of national constitutional law. Its purpose is to analyze and structure common legal constitutional principles across EU Member States and identify constitutional diversity. To that end a team of PI and four post-docs will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the constitutional law in action of selected Member States, as expounded in constitutional case law, practice and texts.

dewilde Dr. C.L. Dewilde
Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
The Interplay Between the Upward Trend in Home-Ownership and Income Inequality in Advanced Welfare Democracies, 2012-02-01 to 2017-01-31

This research project is the first comprehensive interdisciplinary study into the so far unrecognised interplay between two major social trends of the post-war period: the upward trend in income inequality, and the increase of owner-occupation. In four subprojects, DeWilde will look at these issues through various lenses, using diverse methods of analysis. She takes a longitudinal-historical approach, focussing on the post-war era. This research scope ranges from large-scale quantitative analysis of country-level data and of individual retrospective and prospective housing, labour and family trajectories to a comparative in-depth case study of institutional developments in a selection of countries. Different analytical approaches are combined in all proposed subprojects.

Advanced Grant

gelder Dr. B.L.M.F. de Gelder
Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Bodies express emotions and actions in sociocultural context, 2012-07-01 to 2017-06-30

Emotions are adaptive actions that take place in the real world and involve the whole body. In contrast with an overwhelming number of studies on facial expressions, very little research has been devoted to how emotions are expressed by the whole body and its actions in the real world. This proposal combines neuropsychology and emotion research with normal and unique patient populations. It will apply innovative combinations of physiological and multimodal imaging methods (EEG/MEG and fMRI, EMG and TMS) and novel technologies like IVR and contribute to adapting immersive virtual reality tools for research and application. The proposal is highly interdisciplinary linking different methodological approaches and combining basic with application-oriented research.