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Printers and copiers

Attention! Due to technical delay the replacement of the current printers will take place in March.
From mid March Canon is going to replace the current printer park. The new printers have a clarifying instruction sticker on top, which enables you to get started quickly. The card reader is integrated in the new printers. You can continue to use your University card.

New ways to top up your print credit
New ways to print

Since the changes only take place mid-January, below the information about the current situation:

There are 21 multi functional printers (MFP) on campus. With these printers you can print, copy or scan documents in black and white or color. You can send a print job from a student desktop, your own notebook on campus and from your own notebook/PC off campus. You sign up at a printer using your Tilburg University card and pay with your e-wallet.

Print, copy, scan and pay
Send a print job
Print from your own notebook on campus
Print from home
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