University library

"The only thing you absolutely need to know is the location of the library"

- Albert Einstein - 

Searching information and accessing databases

The university library offers a large number of databases that you can use to find literature, data and other information, via Libsearch.

As a Tilburg University student or employee, you can use a number of online resources (or "databases") to find information. In many cases these are subscription databases that can only be accessed if the supplier can tell you are affiliated with Tilburg University. External visitors can also use these databases while on campus.

Access databases
Access ControlAccess on campus or via VPN (IP based access)

In Libsearch marked with the symbol: C.

The database checks to see if your computer is part of the Tilburg University 'domain' (in technical terms: if your computer has an IP address from the Tilburg University domain). If so, access is granted.

  • Every work station on campus automatically has access.
  • Every wireless connection by staff or students at Tilburg University (via eduroam) automatically has access.
  • Off-campus (at home or on the road) access requires you to run VPN.
    Make sure you do not use VPN's Split Tunneling option.


Single Sign-On (Tilburg University username / password)
User account (create your own account)
Open access, no restrictions
Pay Per View
Access on fixed workspace or in Datalab only
Mobile sites
Mobile apps