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A collection with over 800,000 books, journals, illustrations, early works and manuscripts. The combination with a voluminous collection of e-books and e-journals provides a treasure of scholarly information.

Journals, journal articles and impact factors university library

Searching for journals and borrowing

Are you looking for scientific journal articles, please check the following databases:

  • Catalog (WorldCat Discovery): contains the contents of the majority of online books, chapters, journals and articles that the library is subscribed to. If the full text of the articles is available, there will be a link to the file in the database.
  • A to Z journals Tilburg University: an alphabetical list of all journals the is subscribed to. If the full text of the articles is available, there will be a link to the article.
  • All databases A to Z: an alphabetical list of all databases of providers of scientific journals, i.e. Heinonline, Oxford journals and SpringerLlink.

Journals can only be consulted in the library and cannot be borrowed. In order to find a journal, you need to know the year of publication, issue number and the T number of the journal. This can be found in the A-Z Journal List.

Journals published before and after 2006

Journals published before 2006

Journals prior to 2006 can be ordered by a depot request (except Brabant-Collection journals).

Journals from 2006 onwords

These journals are placed on floor 0 of the library. The periodicals are placed in numerical order of T number. Journal articles may be photocopied for personal use only.

Impact factors

The importance of an academic journal in comparison to other journals in the same field is derived by its impact factor. A journal's impact factor is determined by the number of times that it's articles are quoted or referred to in other publications. If you are interested in impact factors, check the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). This is an annual publication of statistical data that is used world wide to judge academic journals.