TIDE - Meeting Recognition and Rewards

TIDE, Tilburg University Network for Inclusion, Diversity & Equality

Tilburg University is undertaking a series of measures to achieve a more balanced and diverse workforce. An excellent bottom-up initiative to enhance this process is TIDE, the Tilburg University Network for Inclusion, Diversity & Equality. TiU’s Executive Board has festively launched the network.

TIDE offers academic and support staff opportunities to meet and exchange knowledge, experience, and contacts. The network aims to have a positive influence on equality, diversity and inclusion policies and practices at Tilburg University. In particular, we strive for an inclusive organization culture. We do this by organizing TIDE meetings where the substantial component is followed by an informal lunch.

What roles does the network wish to fulfill?

  • Provide a place where staff, decision makers and experts can discuss themes that contribute to an inclusive organizational culture in an open and constructive manner.
  • A visible and accessible platform where faculty can come to with questions and suggestions.
  • A signaling function that serves as input for new policies.

For whom?

We invite both academic and support staff, for we need influencers and decision makers in both the Departments and Divisions to bring about cultural change towards more (gender) equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

Become a member

Become a member to be sure to receive invitations for the yearly 3 or 4 network meetings.