Collaborating in International Teams

Collaborating in International Teams

Date: Time: 11:00 Location: Faculty Club

Tilburg University is committed to offering equal opportunities to its students and its academic and support staff. Due to all kinds of mechanisms, this is easier said than done. That is why TIDE, the Tilburg University Network for Inclusion, Diversity & Equality, dedicates a meeting to “Collaborating in International Teams”.

We want to discuss what is needed to involve international staff in campus life, so that they feel they belong here. This is still far from self-evident. It appears to be difficult to interpret and bridge cultural differences. Language barriers and gender bias can turn out to be obstacles as well. It now happens that we recruit people who then feel like they do not belong here and consider leaving. This is harmful for both the organization and the people concerned. What are the experiences? And, are there practical tips to make Tilburg University more inclusive?


Special guest: comedian Greg Shapiro

“Powerful, intelligent and always funny.” Comedian Shapiro moved from the US to the Netherlands in 1994 and is a ‘critical expert’ on how to be Dutch. You probably ‘heard’ him as King Donald in the video “Netherlands Second”, which has been viewed over 50 million times.

At our meeting, Shapiro will focus in his sketch on how hard it can be to bridge cultural gaps and fix communication flaws. A main principle of Northwestern University in Chicago, where Shapiro graduated, is “state your bias”. This may serve as a good starting point. (photos: Jorgen Caris)

Program at the Faculty Club

  • 10:45    Coffee and tea
  • 11:00    Welcome by Dean Geert Duijsters
  • 11:05    Sketch by Greg Shapiro
  • 11:25    Panel discussion with internationals, Geert Duijsters and Greg Shapiro
  • 11:55    Discussion with the audience
  • 11:10    Wrap-up and follow-up by Geert Duijsters
  • 12:15    Lunch
  • 13:00    End