TIDE meeting: How to tackle harassment in academia?

Date: Time: 10:45 Location: Faculty Club

This year, two reports on harassment in Dutch academia have been published. The TIDE Network wishes to share the outcomes and invites you to think along about what initiatives are needed to work towards a safe, open and inclusive work environment. We meet at the Faculty Club on September 10, where the central program takes place from 11:00 to 12:15.

What does Tilburg University offer at present?

  • A Code of Conduct that makes the values and standards at our university explicit.
  • Four Confidential Advisors are available to help you to solve problems and conflicts help solve problems and conflicts.
  • The Connected Leading Program addresses dialogue and feedback, especially in relation to the impact we have when influencing others.
  • The Active Bystander Training learns you strategies on how to rationally intervene when you witness unacceptable behavior.
  • The Gender & Diversity Roadmap 2018-2021 contains goals, projects and training that aim for an inclusive organization culture.

Even though we have a series of measures, it appears they are not yet fully integrated in our daily collaborations. How can we, as colleagues, address each other in a respectful and  constructive way? How do we involve the ones that could use some more self reflection? How can we make optimal use of our present tools and what requires improvement? On a different level, Prof. Belle Derks, author of the LNVH report, states: “We need a broader definition of success, one that also values communal qualities.”

Program in the Faculty Club

10:45   Coffee and tea (optional)

11:00   Welcome by Hilde Baert, director of Academic Services

11:05   Presentation of the reports ‘Harassment in Academia’

11:20   Small group sessions on issues, dilemmas, options

11:45   Pitches

12:10   Conclusions and wrap up

12:15   Lunch (optional)

13:00   End

We urge you and your team to come and bring along the colleagues that need more awareness about our shared values and about the impact that transgressive behavior – including micro-agressions – has on individuals and on the organization.