Gender & Diversity Tilburg University

Safe workplace

Tilburg University wants to eliminate unacceptable behavior including (sexual) harassment and discrimination. To that end, the Executive Board has adopted a Code of Conduct and has appointed confidential advisors whose task it is to offer initial assistance to those who have been or are being confronted with unacceptable behavior.

Make yourself heard

Tilburg University’s four confidential advisors are available to anyone at the university who is confronted with poor behavior.

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Active Bystander Training

Tilburg University strives to further promote an inclusive and safe organizational culture and organizes Active Bystander trainings. By participating, you will gain insight into how you can react adequately when witnessing transgressive behavior. Examples are bullying in the workplace, infringement of scientific integrity and sexual harassment. What steps can you take to make a difference? You will be trained by the coach, Scott Solder, in four effective tactics and techniques for addressing people who show improper behavior. By setting limits, the continuation or normalization of unacceptable behavior is prevented.

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