Gender & Diversity Tilburg University


We offer a package of trainings. Some help to install fair selection and promotion procedures and to prevent bias. Besides these trainings that primarily focus on inflow and through-flow, we also offer trainings to supervisors and staff that aim at retaining talent.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring has an especially positive impact on making an organization more diverse. Senior staff and supervisors who sponsor women and people from diverse groups come to believe, through their increased contact, that their protégés deserve the opportunity they have been working for. This program is developed in cooperation with Connected Leading.

Group Model Building

To stimulate diversity within teams, stakeholders within Schools have formulated a shared vision on the advancement of equality of women and people with diverse backgrounds using the Group Model Building method. In primary sessions, obstacles in processes related to inflow, through-flow and outflow within a School are mapped.
Subsequently, with the help of stock-flow models, solutions are sought to prevent bias and promote equal career opportunities. In these sessions, the Dean, Director, Heads of Departments (HoD), HR advisors and academics take a prominent place. Due to this intensive collaboration, backing is immediately created among the stakeholders.

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