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Workplace Pride

Tilburg University is a member of Workplace Pride, a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTI people in workplaces all over the world. This membership is one of the actions that Tilburg University undertakes to create an inclusive organization culture.

Inclusive organization culture

Workplace Pride focuses on improving the working lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. For a large organization, being open and considering difference as a strength is the next step from merely being tolerant. Just like Workplace Pride, Tilburg University strives for a work and study climate where you can truly be yourself as an LGBTI person, and are valued for who you are. Research shows that when organizations take steps to create an inclusive organizational culture, people achieve better results in terms of productivity, satisfaction and commitment.

Join in

At the top of Workplace Pride’s website is a login. Employees and students of Tilburg University can register via their own university e-mail address and a password. This gives you access to interesting LGBTI-related information. When you subscribe to the Workplace Pride newsletter, you will also receive invitations to events.

Tilburg University Network for Inclusion

Tilburg University supports its LGBTI community through TIDE, the Tilburg University Network for Inclusion, Diversity & Equality. For questions and remarks, you can contact Ilja Hijink via

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