Wil jij je carrière opbouwen bij Tilburg University? Wij heten je van harte welkom!

Salary and benefits

Tilburg University offers excellent terms of employment. We think flexibility, development, and good employee benefits are very important. We make clear agreements on career paths and offer all kinds of facilities and schemes to maintain an optimum balance between work and private life.


The salary consists of various components. In addition to your gross salary, you annually receive holiday pay and a year-end bonus and you participate in the ABP pension fund. The Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities applies to you and your colleagues. As an international colleague, you may qualify for the 30% tax facility. This means that 30% of your salary will be paid as a tax-free reimbursement. You are eligible if you meet the conditions of the 30%-facility.

Financial benefits

Tilburg University offers its staff an Options Model, for which you receive an annual amount (excepting staff who are employed for less than 0.2 fte or fewer than six months). You choose the facilities you want to make use of, for instance, broadband internet at home, a reimbursement for commuter costs, or compensation for the purchase of a bicycle. In addition to this Options Model, international colleagues may be eligible to be compensated for extraterritorial expenses.


Tilburg University has a collective contract with health insurance company CZ. This means that you are eligible for an attractive discount if you take out a collective health insurance with CZ. Moreover, the university has made similar collective arrangements with Loyalis for disability insurance and with Centraal Beheer for other private insurance.

You can become a member of the university’s Sport Center at a discount as well.

Balancing work and private life

Tilburg University thinks it is important to maintain a good balance between work and private life. It is possible to work partly from home, working hours are flexible, and you can make arrangements on an unpaid or partially paid sabbatical. If you are employed full-time, you are entitled to 41 paid days of leave per year. Moreover, the university has special leave facilities such as maternity leave, parental leave, and care leave. In addition, female academics can make use of support facilities after maternity leave: they can be released from teaching duties for up to four months or get research support to compensate for missed research time. These arrangements are part of Tilburg University’s gender equality road map. The university stimulates diversity in its workforce based on its Diversity Policy of Tilburg University.