Stay connected! Tilburg University facilitates strong ties among graduates and between graduates and their school or graduate associations.

Alumni chapters and associations

International Chapters

By developing alumni networks around the world, Tilburg University facilitates professional and social networking opportunities for alumni to support their business or career advancement.

Tilburg University Alumni Chapters around the world focus on:

  • Offering an environment that can serve as ground to share knowledge, career advancement and business partnerships for alumni and future alumni.
  • Connecting and strengthening relations with Tilburg University and The Netherlands.
  • Assisting Tilburg University in attracting new talent and connecting Tilburg University to the private and public sectors.

Currently we have alumni Chapters in:

Alumni associations

Tilburg University’s alumni associations maintain and strengthen the bond between our Schools, departments or programs and our graduates. Through activities such as symposia and conferences, but also through newsletters, websites and social media, we keep you updated. As a member of an alumni association, you will receive an alumni card, entitling you to a free subscription alumni magazine Until (in Dutch only), as well as other products and services.