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Professor Cobbenhagen Foundation

The Professor Cobbenhagen Foundation, which grew out of the Tilburg Academic Economic Circle (TAEK), is traditionally the alumni society of Tilburg University. It is named after Professor M.J.H. Cobbenhagen, who was the first professor at the Economic University of Professional Education, the distant forerunner of Tilburg University. In forming a society of Tilburg graduates, he had two things in mind. On the one hand, the Alma Mater was to be a permanent breeding ground for its graduates and, on the other, students were to benefit from the practical experiences of these very same alumni.

In the mid-eighties, independent faculty alumni associations were established at the initiative of the Professor Cobbenhagen Foundation. Its function, therefore, shifted to serving as an umbrella organization for these alumni associations. Alumni are encouraged to join 'their' faculty society. In 1989, a collaboration agreement was signed between the Foundation and all faculty associations in existence at that point. In 1995, this collaboration agreement was officially extended to include all new program-based associations. The university now has fourteen alumni associations.

Board of the Professor Cobbenhagen Foundation

  • Drs. O.J.F. Coene - chair
  • Dr. M.P. van der Avoird - secretary
  • Drs. P.J.M. Rooda - treasurer
  • P.F. van Beurden MSc. - member
  • Mr. M.H.G. Habets - member
  • Mr. F.C. van der Jagt - member
  • Mr. H.A.J. de Jong - member
  • H.J.H. van Kemenade MSc. - member
  • Drs. E.D.J. de Schrijver - member
  • Dr. K.M. Becking - member on behalf of the Executive Board of Tilburg University