Stay connected! Tilburg University facilitates strong ties among graduates and between graduates and their school or graduate associations.

Alumni association in the spotlights

We do not just put the spotlight on our alumni. Also our alumni associations deserve special attention in the spotlight.


The ‘Vereniging van Afgestudeerde Econometristen te Tilburg’ (The Association of Graduated Econometricians at Tilburg) is founded by and for graduates of the Econometrics and Operational Research programs at Tilburg University. Formally the association was founded in November 1986, but VAET is already active since the first meeting in 1969. Piet Verheyen, graduate of 1958, led this meeting and he is still present every alumni day, organized yearly by the VAET.

The association currently has around 850 members and is one of the largest alumni associations at Tilburg University.
A short overview of the goals of the VAET:

  • To maintain and strengthen the connection between the Econometrics and Operations Research graduates themselves and between these graduates and the Econometrics and Operations Research department of Tilburg University.
  • To keep its members updated on new knowledge and insights in the Econometrics and Operations Research area.

The VAET organizes an alumni day every year where one can meet old class mates in order to exchange old and new experiences.  These days usually consist of lectures by two leading speakers, followed by drinks and dinner. At these scientific meetings both recent alumni and alumni that graduated years ago are present. This way the VAET tries to keep its members updated on new developments in Econometrics and Operations Research. Last year’s theme was ‘Big Data’.

How do I become a member of the VAET?

Besides econometricians and operational researchers graduated at Tilburg University, the VAET also includes faculty members at the Econometrics and Operations Research department. Membership is free.  To register as member, please fill in the registration form on the website.