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Walter Govers

Walter Govers has, after finishing his bachelor’s degree, spent last year as a full time board member at study association T.F.V. “De Smeetskring”, for students in Fiscal Economics and Fiscal Law. This summer he participated in a two week intern program at PwC, he started the Master’s program Fiscal Economics in September.  

Why did you choose this program? Why Tilburg University?

“I always wanted to study economics and TiSEM has always been highly ranked. I did consider Rotterdam and Nijmegen for a while, but there you quickly end up in a Business Administration program whereas I preferred Business Economics. On top of that Tilburg was close to my home town and I did not want to move out in my first year, because of my part time job and football team.

I very much enjoyed the classes of Drs. Frank Elsweier, lecturer in fiscal law and decided to choose Fiscal Economics after my first year. I also liked the idea of focusing on a specific area, rather than following the relatively broad Business Economics program.”

What has surprised you so far in your study program?

“I was surprised about the amount of Law courses in the Fiscal Economics program. These prove to be quite difficult when you have an economic background and mindset. Luckily I had great professors, who often are also active in business. It was easy to get in touch with them and during their classes they presented relevant examples and cases from their own experience.”

What or who gives you inspiration and why?

“Especially the people I am close to and who I see growing as time passes by. For example classmates that already graduated and are now starting their first jobs. Sometimes I read an article on an interesting person, but the thing is, you never know exactly how they came where they are now. In your direct environment you can extensively talk about these things, which in turn can be very informative and motivating.”

What’s the best advice you’ve been given and who gave it to you?

“I am quite a dreamer and my dad always told me: Dreaming is a good thing, always work hard and strive to make these dreams happen. This is the best way to accomplish your goals.”

What do you think your future will have to look like in order to fulfill your ambitions?

“I will have to work long hours and hard. But it is important to have an open mind to everything that comes on your path, rather than sticking to your own area of specialization. This summer I participated in an internship program at PwC Rotterdam, which gave me insight in their M&A department for two weeks. Of course this is very interesting and offered me the opportunity to learn about the company and some insight in a possible specialization.”

How do you think contacts gained at Tilburg University can help you?

“During my board year I got to know a lot of people across the country. But most of all the experiences and contacts I made at the association and the different companies can help me in my future career. For a student it is important to be active besides the study program. A diploma shows that you are able to understand and apply the theory and that you are capable of thinking and working on a specific level. However, everything you undertake besides that, in the form of a board year or a part time job, is what separates you from the rest.”

What can Tilburg University do to help you realize your ambitions?

“Of course they have to keep providing a high level of education. It cannot happen that, for example, companies rather recruit someone from Rotterdam or Amsterdam, than a graduate from Tilburg. I think the university is doing a great job on that at the moment. In my opinion a Tilburg University degree is valuable and recruiters are very happy to contract Tilburg students.”