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Pim Berendsen

Barely twelve years after his graduation in Fiscal Economics in 1998 Pim Berendsen is CEO of the business unit Data & Document Management and member of the Executive Board at TNT Post. The recipient of the 2010 Young Captain Award continuously challenges himself and one day hopes to receive his doctorate. "After a few years in business, there is interest again in science."

"The quality of my study in Tilburg has greatly contributed to my development."

Why did you choose to study in Tilburg?

“An uncle of mine was accountant, another a lawyer and both had studied at Tilburg University. My father also studied in Tilburg. In high school I was already interested in economics. If you want to study economics, the best universities are Tilburg University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. At the time I played hockey at a high level at MEP in Boxtel and I wanted to be able to combine that with my study. Hence the choice for Tilburg University was obvious.”

Who was your favorite professor and why?

“Professors Jan van der Geld and Peter Essers stood out as my favorite professors. They were great teachers and their lectures were professional and filled with interesting case studies and good humor.”

Do you have an interesting anecdote from your student days?

“I almost did not make the binding study advice in my first year. Every time, I stumbled over the course Information Technology. Meanwhile, I had no problems with statistics. I had to take information technology 3 or 4 times. Eventually, with luck, I passed and could continue my study instead of being drafted into the army. It was a close call. Halfway through my study I became a board member of study association the Smeetskring. 4 or 5 students who did not know each other formed the board. After a night drinking beers at Café Bolle, an alliance was forged. We had a great time, and to this day, we still have regular contact.”

"I hope one day to be able to get my doctorate."

What has your career been like?

“I am not a conscious career planner and have not followed a clear career path. The first three years after my studies I was a tax advisor at Arthur Andersen. There I did interesting things and learned a lot, but I found the subject area very limited. I thus switched to the International Business Development program at PTT Post. People around me were surprised I changed from the flashy and trendy Arthur Andersen to PTT Post, which had a very different image. I have had a wonderful career thus far; I’ve held positions in finance, strategy, and business in among others, Prague, London, and China. I started in Mergers and Acquisitions, and after several strategic financial positions, I am now CEO of the business unit TNT Post Data & Document Management and member of the Executive Board at TNT Post.”

What is your future ambition?

“Continuously I challenge myself in an environment where together with others I can learn and contribute to the firm and to other organizations such as Tilburg University. I hope one day to be able to get my doctorate.”

What role has Tilburg University played in your life and how has it influenced your career?

“The quality of my study in Tilburg has greatly contributed to my development. We often had to work in small groups on cases and there were ample opportunities for me to use my creativity. Fiscal Economics has many aspects such as finance, law, accounting, making it easier to understand several specializations. I owe that to the education at Tilburg University.”

Does Tilburg University still play a role in your life? If so, in what way?

“I am still involved with Tilburg University in different ways: as a member of Friends of Cobbenhagen and as a member of the Campaign Board at Tilburg University Fund. I also try to fulfill my scientific ambitions again. Now that I have gained business experience, the theoretical side has more impact.”