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Huub Dekkers

After a career at Achmea and Tilburg University Huub Dekkers was appointed Member of the Executive Board at Albeda College in Rotterdam in 2013. He graduated in 1998 in Fiscal Economics..

"My degree equipped me to handle everything, both in judicial and in economic fields."

Why, back then, did you decide to study in Tilburg?
“I started in the early nineties with econometrics. Tilburg and Rotterdam had the best reputation for that. The first from an economic perspective, the second from a mathematical perspective. I not only felt more drawn to the economics side, but also felt more at home in Tilburg. This applied to the atmosphere in the city as well as to that at the university.”

When and why did you switch to fiscal economics?

“I switched after the first year because the course served my interests and career aspirations much better.”

Who was your favorite professor and why?
“Professor Van Vijfeijken and Professor Essers made a clear link between academic thinking and practical application. Their teaching was intellectually stimulating and, from an applied perspective, interesting. Their lectures gave me a clear picture of how economic theories could be applied in practice.”

Do you have an interesting anecdote from your student days?
“There are dozens of anecdotes I could tell, but it is highly questionable whether they are suitable for your website…”

What role has Tilburg University played in your life and how has this influenced your career?

“The role of my [university] education has been immense, but it took a while before I realized that. I have worked in several different areas and in various roles and my degree equipped me to handle everything. That made me realize that fiscal economics is specialized yet at the same time broad. It provided me in each case with a solid basis, both in judicial and in economic fields.”

"Students should ask themselves what they want to contribute, not only to their own development, but also to the environment."

How has your career been?

“On graduating, I joined Achmea and worked there for about twelve years. In several different departments, in various management roles and always with great pleasure. Within Centraal Beheer, I set up the department of Risk Management with a few colleagues. One day I was involved in discussions about strategic direction, another day I would be talking with refuse-collection truck drivers about work mentality. I later became a Business Development Manager at Staalbankiers. Whilst there, I set up an office network and implemented a reorganization. After that, I held a number of positions at Achmea Sociale Zekerheid and Achmea Zorg where there was an emphasis on change-management, both internal (mergers) and external (health care market). In June 2009, I decided to return to Tilburg as Managing Director/Secretary General of the University. In 2013 I was appointed Member of the Executive Board at Albeda College in Rotterdam.”

Did you remain involved with the university?

“I have been very involved with ‘my’ university my entire life. For instance, I used to be a committee member of the University Fund and chairman of Output, the alumni association for graduates of Human Resource Studies. I am a member of the Friends of Cobbenhagen and I follow the Nexus Institute with great interest. I have also become acquainted with university teaching both as a guest lecturer and as an external dissertation supervisor. And drawing on my business experience, I provided advice about the introduction of the bachelor-masters structure, or BAMA for short.”