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Atilla Aytekin

Atilla Aytekin graduated in Information Management at Tilburg University in 1994 and is founder and CEO of the international software company Triodor Software. He is also founder of the Dutch Dream Foundation and writer of the book Atilla’s Dutch Dream.  “If you don’t dare to lose, you cannot win.”

Atilla Aytekin was interviewed by students Bart Toorenaar and Robbert Janssen during the student event Expand your Future: Personal Branding at Tilburg University Campus June 4th 2013. He shared how he combines the worlds of entrepreneurship, technology and social responsibility.

As a young boy from a Turkish family, it was not easy growing up in Zutphen, Gelderland. Kids did not want to sit next to Atilla in class and several parents protested to having Turkish children in the school. This experience made a big impression on the 12 year old Atilla and probably fueled his ambition to succeed in life. After graduating in Information Management at Tilburg University, he joined Baan Company. After a few years, Atilla formed his own company.  He considers himself to be a ‘fundamentalistic’ entrepreneur: it is all or nothing. For Atilla it’s a choice of lifestyle; being an entrepreneur requires hard work and he loves the freedom and being in control. Twice his company went bankrupt, but he is proud of what he learned. “If you don’t dare to lose, you cannot win.” Since he started Triodor Software, his dreams have come true and he has been successful, both in the Netherlands as well as in Turkey. Triodor employs 350 people and operates on four continents. Atilla’s future ambitions are to never retire and he continuously aims to have fun and be successful. Money has never been the goal, but it is the result of success.

Proud of both his Turkey’s roots and the Netherlands, Atilla dreamed of giving back to society, which offered him so many opportunities. In 2006 he wrote the book Atilla’s Dutch Dream and founded the Dutch Dream Foundation, an expertise center on theme’s like 'new entrepreneurship’, leadership, diversity, innovation and corporate social responsibility which connects young entrepreneurs from different cultural backgrounds to Dutch business leaders.