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Lifelong Development in Finance: Fintech workshop

Date: Time: 13:30 Location: Faculty Club

In a fast-changing world, lifelong learning is more important than ever. For example, nowadays, all study programs at Tilburg University include developments in digitalization. To match the needs of our alumni, we are designing a new lifelong development program. To ensure our future offer meets the expectations of the participants, we need your input.

To gain more insight into your lifelong development needs, we are organizing a workshop during which we will monitor if the contents, approach and methods match your expectations. You will participate in the workshop, and you will also be asked to a number of questionnaires and evaluate the workshop during diner.

Fintech workshop

Did you study at Tilburg University and do you feel you are not up to speed on current developments in Fintech? We are offering a half-day workshop, free of charge for our alumni. This Fintech workshop will cover a broad range of topics such as online equities, digital payments, and fintech regulations. 

During the workshop we will explain:

  • how online equity and debt crowdfunding work and can be arranged
  • why some business models are more profitable than others
  • the basics of blockchain technologies
  • the properties of “classic” cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Ether
  • Tokens and Stable currencies

Also, we will discuss how financial technologies have led the regulator to consider the adoption of a system where physical currency will be partially replaced by digital currency.


The program is based upon interactive lectures and discussions which will be led by experts in the field. All sessions are characterized by a mix of theoretical and practical aspects of fintech.

13:30 - 14:00Welcome and Opening
14:00 - 15:15Session 1 | Introduction to Fintech (key concepts)
15:15 - 15:45Coffee break
15:45 - 17:00Session 2 | Special Topics on Fintech
17:00 - 18:30Drinks and Open Buffet Dinner
Why Fintech at Tilburg University?

The Netherlands has been at the forefront of these developments. The Netherlands is 4th largest FinTech Lending Market in the European Union, and the sector is likely to become larger. Between 2020 and 2021, crowdfund lending has experienced a 221% growth, from 277 million euros in 2020 to 621 million euros in 2021. Much of these funds were directed to small and medium enterprises that find it increasingly difficult to be financed by regular banks. Similarly, the application of the blockchain technology has been receiving more and more attention. In 2021, the Port of Rotterdam Authority has launched a field lab to explore blockchain technology to be applied to the shipping industry.

With all these developments in the private sector, and the importance of this rapidly growing industry, we believe that a course that explains and explores these developments can be particularly attractive for lifelong learners.

We believe that Tilburg University Department of Finance can fill the knowledge and expertise gap in these field by providing highest-quality but affordable workshops for adult learners. The participants of this fintech workshop will receive a certificate of participation.

The Department of Finance is one of the most research-oriented finance departments in Europe. It is one of the top-30 finance institutions in the UT-Dallas rankings, and consistently ranks among Europe’s top 4. It is also within the top-20 institutions in Finance according to RePEc. The department offers high quality education at the undergraduate, graduate and executive levels.


  • Fabio Braggion

    Fabio Braggion

    professor of finance and financial history at Tilburg University, CEPR fellow and ECGI member

    Fabio Braggion's research interests include financial history, banking, corporate finance and fintech. He teaches several corporate finance courses such Financial history and Intermediation and Advanced Corporate Finance. 

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  • Nicola Pavanini

    Nicola Pavanini

    associate professor of finance at Tilburg University and CEPR fellow

    Nicola Pavanini is associate professor of finance at Tilburg University and is CEPR fellow. His areas of research interest consist of structural estimation, financial intermediation, and fintech. He teaches several graduate courses, including Advanced Corporate Finance and Empirical Industrial Organization.

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For whom?

The Fintech workshop is open to everyone who is interested to learn more about most recent development and key concepts.


Normally, as a graduate, you would pay a discounted price of 90 euros to participate in this workshop. But because this is a pilot study, you now have the opportunity to participate free of charge. In return, you need to participate in a number of questionnaires. 


In order to register for this workshop, please fill out the registration form. By filling out the form, you also consent to participating in the questionnaires. Registration for the workshop free of charge is open until 15 September. After that date, registration at the cost of 90 euros is still possible until 1 November.

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Any questions? 

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