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Friends of Cobbenhagen Lecture

For four years (2017-2020), the Friends of Cobbenhagen, in collaboration with Tilburg University Society, annually invite an internationally renowned professor to give a vision on current developments in society.

They make an active contribution to the international orientation of Dutch politics, research, education and business. The Lecture also aims to appeal to a new audience and to interest potential members of the Friends of Cobbenhagen.

Vrienden van Cobbenhagen Lecture 2020: Urban Society

The fourth Vrienden van Cobbenhagen Lecture will take place on Thursday 23 January 2020. The theme this year is Urban Society, with a keynote by Harvard professor Edward Glaeser on 'The pros and cons of urbanization'. Alderman of the Municipality of Tilburg, Berend de Vries, then discusses the theme from within the Municipality. The program of the day will start with various sessions in which Tilburg University professors discuss the theme from different points of view.

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