Alumni afstudeerceremonie

Alumni Services

As a graduate of Tilburg University you can make use of various facilities with a wide range of products and services: including opportunities to continue learning, career advice and training, a sports card and library facilities.

Keep developing yourself

Master classes especially for alumni
Discount on language courses
Discount at HOVO Brabant Senior Academy
Discount at TIAS School for Business and Society
Make use of knowledge vouchers

Become a member of an alumni association

Maintain links with and become part of a network of:

  • The university
  • Professors and old fellow students
  • Your education or faculty
Look at the overview and become a member


Career advice and training
Set up your own company
Find and place internships, side jobs and start-up jobs
Use library facilities
Sports at the Sports Center
Make use of the Faculty Club

Recently graduated? Congratulations!

You are now officially a member of the Tilburg University alumni network. We are looking forward to staying in touch. So make sure to update your details. Discover what your Alma Mater has to offer you, how we can stay connected and what services you can (still) make use of.