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Privacy Statement Alumni & External Relations

This statement provides information about why and which personal information about alumni, donors, volunteers and other relationships ('you' and 'your') is processed by Development and Alumni Relations ('us' and 'we') and how it is handled. We are the Tilburg University Alumni Office and are engaged in creating and maintaining links with alumni, corporate relations, companies and funding organization to promote our university and allow it to excel. Fundraising takes place via Tilburg University Fund.

Privacy Statement Tilburg University

This privacy statement is aimed at the processing of personal data within the Development and Alumni Relations Office. The central general Tilburg University privacy statement can be consulted on the webpage Privacy Statement Tilburg University.

Legal basis and purposes of data processing

The legal basis for the processing of general personal data is that the processing should be necessary for the pursuit of our legitimate interests. Only your bank details will be processed by us on the basis of your consent, as we did not previously know these details. The rest of your data is processed on the basis of legitimate interest. Our legitimate interest is that the processing is necessary for us to be able to carry out our regular business activities. Without your personal data, we, as an alumni office, cannot function.

The purpose that we pursue with the processing of your personal data is to establish, maintain and strengthen our relationship with alumni, companies and funding organizations in accordance with the mission and ambitions of our university, so that those parties have the desire to support the university, either financially or in kind, in order to promote the university and allow it to excel. There are two aspects to this objective. On the one hand,  personal data are used for alumni relationship management and, on the other hand, for fundraising.

The source of your personal data

We receive your personal data from various sources. The personal data of alumni are largely obtained from the Tilburg University Student Administration. This is a part of the personal data that you provided to Tilburg University at the start of and during your studies. Furthermore, your personal data is supplemented with the data that you yourself have provided to us with via (web)-forms, e-mails or any other way. In addition, we consult public sources to supplement your data (such as LinkedIn and news sources).

We obtain the personal data of relations other than alumni from the relations themselves, for example by telephone, e-mail, or business card. We also consult public sources in order to supplement the data of relations.

Categories of personal data

The data we process about you are:

  • your personal data (such as name, address and place of residence)
  • your contact details (telephone number and email address)
  • details about your completed studies (faculty, field of study and graduation date)
  • details of transaction you had with us (bank account number and donation details)
  • your membership of alumni associations and student associations
  • contact information relating to events (contact preferences, registration and de-registration of events and presence at events)
  • employer information (old and current employer and position)
  • information about your family (name of spouse)
  • information about your contribution as a volunteer (such as mentoring or giving a lecture to students)

The personal data mentioned above are all personal data that we are allowed to process. This means that we do not automatically have all these personal data. We only process personal data that are known to us. If, for example, you have never made a donation, your bank details are not known to us either.

The personal data are used for both alumni relationship management and fundraising. The data is used for the following purposes, among others:

  • sending you publications (such as newsletters and alumni magazine)
  • inviting you to alumni and other Tilburg University events
  • sending you information about the possibility of becoming a volunteer or a donor
  • sending you information about the possibility of attending career training and refresher courses
  • sending you information about the annual phone campaign

You will receive the above information by letter, telephone or electronic means (usually by e-mail). This depends on the contact details we have and the contact preferences you have specified.

Recipients of your personal data

We never share your personal data with third parties. If we engage a third party to process your personal data, this will be based on a processor's agreement. Without a processor's agreement, we will not send any personal data to third parties.

We have entered into a processing agreement with various third parties. The processor's agreement contains the requirements that we have set for the handling and protection of your personal data that the processors must comply with. We have reserved the right to assess the working methods of the processors in the light of these requirements.

At Tilburg University, we only share your data with organizational units that need your data for their purposes. The Career Office has access to your personal information to sketch profiles of the Tilburg University students regarding career opportunities. The Career Office can help students find an internship at one of our alumni’s company, for example. In addition, the Marketing and Recruitment Office also has access to your personal data. This office focuses on recruiting potential students.

Storage periods of your personal data

We do not store your personal data for longer than is necessary. We keep track of the total number of alumni at Tilburg University. In addition, we must comply with the legal storage periods by which we store your personal data for a period of 50 years + 10 years after the last contact moment.

Your rights in relation to data processing

You have the right to:

  • view and correct your personal data (if incorrect data is found);
  • limit the processing of your personal data;
  • request the erasure of your personal data from our systems (right to erasure);
  • transfer your personal data electronically to a third party at your request (right to data portability);
  • object to the processing of your personal data; and
  • submit a complaint to the Tilburg University Data Protection Officer and/or the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

You can view your personal data via a request for access to personal data. For an appeal to your other rights, you can consult the central privacy declaration of Tilburg University. 

Data Protection Officer

A Data Protection Officer has been appointed within Tilburg University who advises about and supervises data processing and legislation. If you would like to contact the Data Protection Officer, you can reach him using the contact information below. For more information about the Data Protection Officer, please refer to the central privacy statement of Tilburg University.

Contact Information

Mr. M.R.G. Herregodts


Telephone: +31 13 466 3359

Secretariat: +31 13 466 2681