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Theatervoorstelling “Met Open Ogen – Een verhaal over veteranen met PTSS” *

In this theater performance, veterans with PTSD share their experiences with the audience in an disturbing play. Followed by a panel discussion by the actors with experts in the field of victimology and psychology. (language: Dutch)

Sold out!

Program information
Date Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Time 20:00-21:30
Location Black Box, Esplanade Building, Tilburg University
Admission Sold out! No tickets available anymore.
Speakers Actors (veterans), Peter van der Velden (victimologist), Jan Rodenburg (psychologist), Prisca van der Mullen (moderator/Het Magazijn Theaterproducties)
Language Dutch!
Organization Academic Forum en studievereniging Complex
Contact Ingemarie Sam
*Certificate This activity may count towards the Certificate Academic Forum

More information

More information about this Dutch event on the Dutch webpage.

When: 14 March 2018 20:00

End date: 14 March 2018 21:30