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Call for Papers: The Value Creation, Capture & Sharing in Organizational Networks Conference

Published: 04th May 2023 Last updated: 08th May 2023

The Academic Collaborative Centre for Network Impact at Tilburg University is proud to organize its inaugural Research Conference on value creation, capture, and sharing in organizational networks. The goal of this conference is to share knowledge and best practices and to motivate research and knowledge production that will foster organizational networks for social impact in Europe and the world. We call on all academic researchers and practitioners interested in this topic to submit state-of-the-art research papers.

  • Location: Tilburg University, Tilburg, the Netherlands
  • Time: October 19-20, 2023
  • Organizers: Department of Organization Studies, Department of Management, and Department of Public Governance at Tilburg University

Goal of the conference

Societies and organizations are increasingly confronted with multifaceted and ill-defined problems that are beyond the ability of a single organization to tackle. Therefore, many organizations (for-profit firms, public and non-profit organizations alike) cooperate in networks to pool resources and work together to create, capture, and share collective value.

Even though such organizational networks are often heralded as the solution to large and complex (global) problems, they bring many challenges of their own. Because the collective value creation only partially overlaps with the individual value creation of the participating organizations, conflicts of interest often arise. Other problems pertain to exclusion, legitimacy, problems of collective action, loss of organizational autonomy, and high transaction and coordination costs. Many organizational networks lack (clear) decision structures, and authority, and the mandates of these networks are often poorly understood by the actors involved. As a result, many organizational networks are dissolved or go dormant without reaching their desired goals or generating externalities. The aim of this conference is to better understand how organizational networks can overcome these challenges to create, capture, and share value and generate impact.

Call for papers

The conference consists of keynotes, research paper sessions as well as roundtable discussions and brings together scholars from various relevant scientific disciplines, such as (public) management, economics and economic geography, sociology, law, and psychology. In a multi-disciplinary setting, state-of-the-art research regarding network-related value creation, capture, and sharing will be presented and discussed. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Private versus collective value in organizational networks
  • Governance of organizational networks
  • Institutions and network impact
  • Inter-organizational networks and collective learning and action

We welcome studies at the societal/institutional, network, organizational, team and/or individual levels as long as the context is one of organizational collaboration. Multilevel studies that combine one or more of these levels of analysis are explicitly invited as well.

Process and schedule

The conference will take place in Tilburg on October 19-20, 2023. Participants are expected to cover their own travel and hotel costs. The conference is free of charge and includes lunches and a conference dinner. A selection of conference papers will be invited to be developed into a chapter in the forthcoming 'Handbook of Firms and Networks' published by Edward Elgar and edited by the conference organizers.

Relevant dates:

  • July 3 (12:00 CET): Submission deadline for abstract/short paper (up to 500 words) to; the submission should detail which of the authors intend to attend the conference upon acceptance of the paper.
  • July 31 (12:00 CET): Notification of decision of acceptance of the conference
  • September 29 (12:00 CET): Deadline to submit extended abstracts (up to 3,000 words) or full papers to
  • October 19-20: Conference time!

Organizing committee

Leon Oerlemans, Marius Meeus, Jörg Raab, Nuno Oliveira, Patrick Kenis, Rob Jansen, and Joris Knoben