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Book title: The odd one out

image human library the odd duck

They have always called me odd or different. Why me? Why do they find me strange? First it was the red hair and the freckles, then came the glasses and the braces. I was always different.

They also called me stupid. I still hear myself asking my mom: “What is wrong with me? That I have red hair and wear glasses!? Isn’t everyone different?” For years, I asked them to stop bullying me. What can I do about my red hair? I was troubled by self-stigma and I lost myself and my confidence.

I looked for confirmation that I am not strange, although I’m not always easy to interact with. But then nobody always feels sociable. I know now that I am not the odd one out.

I want to be a book at the Human Library, because I think it is important to be open about the consequences of bullying and how it can affect a person.