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E-sports conference - The Missing Link *

The Missing Link will be the first E-sports Conference of The Netherlands. The aim of the conference is to link the worlds of academia, business and electronic sports. (language: English)

Program information
Date Wednesday April 26, 2017
Time 12:30- 17:00 hrs
Location Black Box, Esplanade Building, Tilburg University
Admission free (no registration required)
Speakers Chrissy Cook (Tilburg University), Wouter Dammers (LAWFOX), Frank Tijsterman (University of Amsterdam), Floris Buurman (GamersHub and Esports Game Arena), Dutch College League
Organisation Tilburg Students e-sport association Link in cooperation with Academic Forum
Contact Annelieke Koster
*Certificate This activity may count towards the Certificate Academic Forum

Significant role

Globally, e-sports is a community with hundreds of millions of members and which has annual revenue worth billions. The Netherlands has played a significant role in international e-sports, with two of the world’s most competitive teams (Fnatic and Team Liquid) having Dutch roots.

The business aspect of e-sports

Speakers will be giving presentations and hosting interactive events. The conference will focus on understanding the business aspect of e-sports on a local and international level, as well as to showcase research into the community aspects, and on personal stories of prominent e-sporters.

This conference will be the first edition of the annual Tilburg E-sports Conference. See also Facebook.


We are happy to announce our conference speakers:

Chrissy Cook

Chrissy is a Canadian researcher with a background primarily focusing on Social Psychology (MPhil, honors with distinction, University of Cambridge) and Psychometrics (B.A., honors, Université de Moncton); presently, she is a PhD candidate in the communications faculty here at Tilburg University studying online behavior, with a specialization in trolling. She also serves as the founding member of Link’s Advisory Board, in addition to her periodic work as a volunteer sports psychologist/advisor with Link’s Dutch College League (DCL) premier league team. She also serves as an analyst/color commentary on the International version of the DCL’s tournament (twitch handle: dcllive4u). Her talk will be focusing on her research in trolling thus far, with a particular emphasis on community-based data.

Wouter Dammers

Wouter is a Dutch attorney focusing among other things on IT Law, open source licenses and privacy. He is a graduate of Tilburg Law School having completed a master in Law & Technology (cum laude) and a bachelor in European and International Law (with distinction). He is the founder of Tilburg-based law firm LAWFOX and has written on various Law & Technology-related subjects, including esports. He will be speaking about the legal aspects of electronic sports.

Frank Tijsterman

Frank is the coach of the League of Legends team of Sector One, generally considered to be one of the best teams in the Benelux. The team, with him in a coaching position had high place finishes at a European level, winning the WCA Invitational at Gamescom, as well as several Benelux tournaments. He will be talking about the differences between coaching traditional sports teams and E-sport teams, taking both a practical and a more conceptual angle. Questions like:

- How does a training work?
- How are the teams organized
- What role has an E-sports coach?
- What are some of the issues they have to deal with?
will be answered in his speech!

Floris Buurman

Floris Buurman is the owner of esports media company GamersHub and co-owner of Esports Game Arena. He's been in the esports scene for quite a while now, starting as a Starcraft 2 player and League of Legends manager and currently works as a facilitator of coverage on LANs. He will be talking about the facilities necessary for the development of a healthy esports scene, based on his own experience through the years and his thoughts on the future of E-sports in the Netherlands.

Dutch College League

The Dutch College League is the first Dutch National Collegiate league which organizes weekly offline and online League Of Legends matches between Dutch universities and colleges since 2015. Two representatives of DCL will hold a presentation on the common pitfalls of companies who are just getting into E-Sports.


When: 26 April 2017 12:30

End date: 26 April 2017 17:00