Open Access Week

The Big Do-it-Yourself Publishing Event*

Date: Time: 15:00 Location: Black Box, Esplanade Building (Tilburg University)

Some rogues and rebels among our scientists decided to make a radical move towards ‘Open Science’ and ‘Open Access’. What can we learn from them? Admission is free, but registration is required. (language: English)

Open Science & Open Access

Some rogues and rebels among our scientists decided to circumvent the power of the established scientific system of truth-finding, publishing and reviewing, and to make a radical move towards ‘Open Science’ and ‘Open Access’. They started publishing their scientific papers by themselves. What can we learn from them? How can you join in? What does this all mean for the quality and truthfulness of academic publishing?

The Big Do-it-Yourself Publishing  - Open Access Week 2019


A panel of self-publishing scholars will share with the audience their views on Self-Publishing, Open Access, and the future of academic books, articles, and education. Michiel de Jong helps scholars publish their own open textbooks at TU Delft. Jan Blommaert and Ico Maly (both TSHD) will talk about their project focused on writing and producing Open Books. Aaron Martin is a postdoc (TLS) and managing director of TechReg, a brand-new full OA-journal founded at Tilburg University. Rima Rahal (TSB) is a psychologist experimenting with a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), free for anyone to see. Marino van Zelst and Hans van Dijk (both TSB) are venturing to establish a completely new publishing system that radically puts power back in the hands of the scientific community. And las but not least, Johan Rooryck, Open Access Champion of Coalition S, will speak. He "flipped" the Elsevier-Journal Lingua to open access by turning it into a new title: Glossa.


This event is an initiative of Open Science Community of Tilburg University, Library Research Support and  Academic Forum.

Contact: Has Klerx (Academic Forum)

* This event may count for students Tilburg University towards the Academic Forum Certificate.