BRC Lecture -Technology Behind Care

*Postponed* Brabant Robot Challenge: Interaction between Human and Robot

Tilburg University has decided to postpone this event to a future date (yet to be determined).

In response to the call by the mayors of Noord-Brabant to all citizens to take responsibility in reducing social contacts, in order to limit the spread of the corona virus, the university asked us to critically consider whether or not to allow the events to go ahead. we have decided to cancel this event until further notice.

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Brabant Robot Challenge: Interaction between Human and Robot

The Brabant Robot Challenge is a yearly event aimed at robotization in healthcare. This week, in the second of four public lectures, we will discuss the intricacies of communication and interaction with robots. (language English / Certificate*)

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Admission for this lecture is free , but registration is required.
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Interacting with robots

An important part of robotization in health care is making sure that we can maintain a style of communication and interaction that is intuitive to us. This is easier said than done; human interaction is loaded with (non-)verbal complexities and cultural values. How can we take this into account when we are designing automated health care solutions for the future?

To discuss these matters, we are joined by two experts:

  • Dr. Janienke Sturm, lector ‘Humans and Technology’ at Fontys. She has worked as a researcher in several (inter-)national Industrial Design projects at the TU Eindhoven. Her expertise lies mainly in the development of user-oriented design and playful interaction.
  • Dr. ir. Mark de Graaf, lector ‘Interaction Design’ at Fontys. He was also previously involved in the Industrial Design department of the TU Eindhoven on such subjects as playful interaction and emergence in complex systems. His company SmartGoals has contributed to innovation in the world of sports.

Note: you do not have to be enrolled for the entire Brabant Robot Challenge to attend this public lecture in the BRC program.


This event is organized by Brabant Robot Challenge and Academic Forum.

Contact: Oskar Knötschke (Academic Forum).

* This event may count for students Tilburg University towards the Academic Forum Certificate.