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Campus poet 2018: Martijn Faes

On Dutch National Poetry Day, January 25, 2018, the new Campus Poet at Tilburg University was chosen during the annual Poetry Party. His name is Martijn Faes, first-year student of Liberal Arts & Sciences (University College Tilburg.)

Martijn is the twelfth Campus Poet. In the coming year, he will comment on campus life, studying, and his experiences as a student. The six-member jury was impressed by the use of imagery, meter, and rhythm in the poetry of this young student.

Every year on National Poetry Day, Academic Forum organizes this election whereby a student or staff member is chosen as the new Campus Poet. Campus Poethood is an opportunity for new and emerging literary talent and creates attention for poetry and imagination in a world of science and studies. Traditionally, the Tilburg University Campus Poets work together with the Tilburg City Poets. They are asked to perform during Dutch Book Week events and literary evenings in Tilburg, in the City Library, and during debating evenings. Through poetry, the Campus Poets represent Tilburg University in the city in a completely different way.



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The song of snow and street

The song of snow and street


Sparks fly when the train passes

Passing people watch, as the sparks fly by

The professor readjusts his glasses

Lighting his first cig with a weak fire


I walk past a building yet to be finished

The sound of snow cracking under feet

To a monotonous tune diminished

The love song of the snow and the street


And passing people watch, as the sparks fly by,

While the snow and the street make their love song

While the building is being finished

While the professor enters the room before them


When there’s no sun anymore to be obscured

And the snow has yet to be matured

We all go home or walk about

And hum the song of snow and street out loud