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Academic Forum:

Expand your horizons, time to reflect

Academic Forum for Data Science students

Academic Forum organizes symposiums, debates, and small-scale exchanges focusing on scientific, social, and ideological issues, frequently in collaboration with students. During your Data Science Bachelor, you’ll need to participate in at least five Academic Forum events in Tilburg.

What to do?

  • Attend the Academic Forum events that qualify (marked with an *);
  • Register at every event that you attend by showing your University card and sign the attendance list at the entrance of the event (Tilburg).

It is also possible to attend (some of) the five events in Eindhoven at Studium Generale.

Academic Forum & Studium Generale will make sure that your participation in events will be processed by Student Administration, to make sure you'll have met the requirements of five events at the end of your term of BSC Data Science.

Of course you’re welcome to participate in more events on the Academic Forum program.

Academic Forum agenda

Upcoming events which may count towards BSc Data Science Students: see the Agenda (events marked with *) !

Check the Academic Forum Agenda

The agenda is updated continuously: check it on a regular basis, or subscribe to our bilingual newsletter and/or like us on Facebook!

Academic Forum Certificate

Do you want your CV to show how you foster your broad academic curiosity? Convince your future employer of your interest in current themes, surprising perspectives, and in-depth analysis with the Academic Forum Certificate 2019-2020!

Read more about the Academic Forum Certificate