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Tilburg Model United Nations: The Future of Europe

You want to sharpen your skills on public speaking, critical thinking and negotiating? Register for Model United Nations (MUN) Tilburg on 3, 4 and 5 February! MUN is a simulation of a UN-committee session. You take the role of a delegate representing a country, and adopt ‘your’ country’s position on a predetermined issue and defend this position in a debate. (language: English)

Program information
Date Friday 3 February till Sunday 5 February 2017
Time All day event
Location Dante Building
Registration & information Registration for our 2017 conference has now closed
Conference Model United Nations Tilburg

You want to be a ‘UN-delegate’ for a weekend? Sharpen your skills on public speaking, critical thinking and negotiating at Model United Nations (MUN) Tilburg. MUN is a simulation of a UN-committee session. You take the role of a delegate representing a country, and adopt ‘your’ country’s position on a predetermined issue and defend this position in a debate. However, an MUN session encompasses far more elements than the word ‘debate’ can describe.

Competences and arguments

An MUN is an ideal tool for participants to practice and gain experience in three important competences: public speaking, critical thinking and negotiating. The moderated caucuses require public speaking skills from delegates, since they will have to convincingly deliver their arguments. A well delivered line of argumentation can make all the difference between gaining or losing support.

Why should you join?

The main goal of this conference is to inspire and encourage our participants to become more international-oriented, and to “dare to care” to try to solve some of the most pressing global issues, even if it is only as a simulation. We believe that a conference like this would broaden the horizons of the participants, helping them discover the world of international affairs, and to discover their own abilities that will help them become tomorrow’s world leaders. We hope that after participating in the conference, our participants will be more aware of the importance of the decisions that are taken in the real conferences that take place in the United Nations Headquarters, and the impact that these decisions have on all our lives.

Real world experience

Taking part in a conference such as this one will give all participants some real-world experience: we will simulate what actually happens at the United Nations, allowing all our participants the opportunity to experience what real country delegations do when they perform their duties at the UN. We believe that this is a very unique and once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity, since Model United Nations conferences are available only at the High School and University educational levels, and of course, at the real United Nations at the professional level.

MUN-certificate and awards

We have kept every detail in mind, and we will of course provide each participant with a MUN-certificate, so our students can add their participation as a delegate in this conference to their CVs. Being a delegate at an MUN conference is always a great addition to a CV, since it shows that the person who participated as a delegate has developed negotiating, public speaking and problem solving skills, especially if they have won an award.

Work and fun!

This conference will be a mixture of work and fun where you will be able to put on display all your talents and where you can perhaps even discover new talents that have been hidden in you all along! Don’t miss this chance to show all your abilities as a delegate and a potential future world leader, and we hope to see you on Friday February 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday the 5th!

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The MUN at Tilburg University is organized in cooperation with Academic Forum.

When: 03 February 2017 09:30

End date: 05 February 2017 19:30