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Lecture: Heineken in Africa

Like no other company, Heineken penetrates the fabric of African societies. How does its presence look like? How does it deal with complications like taxes, human rights and controversial business partners? Lunch-lecture by research journalist Olivier van Beemen. (language: English)

Program information
Date October 18, 2016
Time 13:00-14:15 hrs, walk in 12:45 hrs
Location Black Box, Esplanade Building, Tilburg University
Admission Free entrance & free lunch for first attendees.
Speakers Research journalist Olivier van Beemen.
Contact Has Klerx
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Heineken in Africa

Like no other company, Heineken penetrates the fabric of African societies. The multinational realized early that future growth must come largely from Africa. How does its presence look like? What complications does the multinational have to face? ‘Heineken in Africa’ is the result of three years of groundbreaking investigative journalism. In the course of reporting this story, the author visited all the African countries in which Heineken has breweries, spoke to nearly 300 involved people and did thorough archival and literary research.

Olivier van Beemen

Olivier van Beemen gives additional insight into modern Africa and the role that business plays there. The revelations in ‘Heineken in Africa’, including those on tax evasion, complicity in human rights violations and controversial business partners, have now led to questions in the Dutch House of Representatives and the European Parliament.

“Heineken in Africa is a must-read for every entrepreneur or manager active in Africa or who aspires to be so, and for everyone with an interest in the ethics of business.” (

The lecture 'Heineken in Africa' is an initiative by Academic Forum (Tilburg University).

When: 18 October 2016 13:00

End date: 18 October 2016 14:15