How do you – busy bee – hold on to your ideals?

Date: Time: 13:00 Location: Tilburg University campus

Come and meet extraordinary people with guts who put their ideals at the heart of their life and work, and discover how they do so in an interview, four workshops, and a panel discussion at Gender Unlimited 2020. (language English / Certificate*)

Gender Unlimited 2020

Time: 13:00-16:45 hrs. 
 Admission is free, but registration is required.

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Life has become wealthier, healthier and overall better over the centuries and especially in the past decades. Still, the “roaring twenties” will face major challenges. The consistent growth in population and prosperity have a huge impact on both society and the environment. The technological revolution brings people closer together, but biases in AI simultaneously increase inequality. These challenges call for engagement at all levels: from powerful decision-makers with vision and a long-term perspective to dedicated, campaigning students and pupils.

Your ideals

Surely, there are things that are close to your heart and to which you are committed or want to commit yourself to. That is what Gender Unlimited 2020 is all about: how do you prevent that your ideals are compromised as a result of your high workload? How do you give shape and direction to your ideals? How can you bring about positive change? There is good news! Comprehensive research by an interdisciplinary Tilburg University research team led by professor Gabriël van den Brink has shown that a generous dose of idealism and belief in possibilities are at the basis of success in difficult circumstances.


During Gender Unlimited 2020, come and meet extraordinary people with guts who put their ideals at the heart of their life and work, and discover how they do so. For example, entrepreneur Adil Izemrane uses his business talents for smart applications of festival concepts for refugee care. Researcher Roanne van Voorst makes her academic expertise available to serve a sustainable future.

The purpose of this afternoon is that you reflect on your own objectives and ideals. They may be about what you want to contribute to the world but also about who you want to be. The four workshops mainly focus on how you can contribute to positive system change. The panel discussion will help you answer questions as to why you do things the way you do. Do the moral choices that you make affect your identity?


                    Art Intervention by Power of Art House

13:00      How do you – busy bee – hold on to your ideals?
                   Interview with Adil Izemrane

14:00      Break

14:30      Workshops

                    ●  Inclusive Engagement: From Aspiration to Action  with Sofie van den Enk

                    ●  Character Building  with Clarice Gargard

                    ●  Storytelling   with Onias Landveld

                    ●  Idealism in an Era of Skepticism and Anxiety   with Roanne van Voorst

15:45      Panel discussion and public debate on Idealism & Identity

16:45      Drinks


Admission is free, but registration is required.

Please register here


Attend the interview with Adil Izemrane by Conny Rijken, professor in Human Trafficking and Globalization. Adil is entrepreneur and one of the founders of Movement on the Ground. A foundation that responds to humanitarian crisis. Learn how he deals with opportunities and obstacles in pursuing his ideals. Get inspired! 


Inclusive Engagement: From Aspiration to Action

Sofie van den Enk presents a workshop on Edukans, an international NGO that provides marginalized children and youngsters around the world with basic education and vocational training. What makes this organization so successful in achieving its goals, going from zero to 2 million children who receive an education and thus getting better chances to build a future? That is what you will learn in this workshop.

Character Building 

Given her cross-cultural background, Clarice Gargard knows how to ask questions about core elements of life that are defining in character building. Are you who you want to be? This requires introspection and context. Are you brave enough to face these questions? Then sign up for the Character Building workshop with Clarice Gargard. 


We tell stories all the time — to persuade someone to support our project, to explain to a colleague how he or she might improve, or to inspire someone that is facing challenges. It’s an essential skill, but how can you improve your ability to tell stories that persuade? Onias Landveld teaches you how to present a well-founded and convincing case to promote your ideals and build alliances and a support base. 

Idealism in an Era of Skepticism and Anxiety

In this workshop Roanne van Voorst explains how social revolutions come about. Is a social revolution still possible in our times of climate fear and skepticism, and is idealism useful or hopelessly naive? Roanne van Voorst explains what is needed for a revolution to succeed today. She has a pragmatic approach so, during the workshop, you work on a useful action list. 


  • Adil Izemrane

    Adil Izemrane


    The thread running through the work of entrepreneur Adil Izemrane is his focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainability. After a visit to Lesbos, he gave up his well-paid job as a real estate developer to dedicate himself fully to lasting impact and improvement of the refugee communities on the island. With the slogan ‘from camp to campus’, Adil Izemrane took the lead in the social enterprise ‘Movement on the Ground’.

  • Sofie van Enk

    Sofie van den Enk


    After a stormy career on the cabaret stage, Sofie van den Enk became a journalist and television maker. She is also a committed and dedicated ambassador for Edukans, that helps to educate children, train teachers and – very important - involve parents, which is also used to prevent child marriages.

  • Clarice Gargard

    Clarice Gargard


    Clarice Gargard is a journalist and program maker. In 2019, she represented the Netherlands to the United Nations. As a social advocate she represents the contemporary, inclusive emancipators that strive for an equal and sustainable world. She published her book Drakendochter (‘Dragon’s daughter’) about the history of her family and the Liberian Civil Wars.

  • Onias Landveld

    Onias Landveld


    Onias Landveld is a storyteller and former Tilburg City Poet. He writes, gives presentations, creates poetry, and inspires. In 1989, he and his family fled the Surinamese Interior War. After having lived in the Netherlands for three years, the family returned to their native country. Onias Landveld came to Tilburg in 1998 as an economics student. After he left university, he specialized in storytelling.

  • Roanne van Voorst

    Roanne van Voorst


    After her cum laude PhD research on the impact of climate change on humans, Roanne van Voorst became a researcher at the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. As an ‘anthropologist of the future’, she focuses her research on climate change, sustainability, and the future of our food, economy, and social life. After her decision to switch to a plant-based diet, she wrote her book Ooit aten we dieren (‘We used to eat animals’).

  • Saskia Stolz

    Saskia Stolz

    Power of Art House

    Power of Art House is a platform for Art & Activism. Founder and creative director Saskia Stolz is convinced that art can be eye-opening and can show new perspectives of social and politicized issues. To counteract indifference, Power of Art House initiates artistic interventions like ‘Lost not Found’ or ‘One Minute in My Shoes’, also on March 12 at the Tilburg University campus.

Info & contact

Annelieke Koster, senior program manager Academic Forum,

Ilja Hijink, policy officer gender equality, diversity & inclusion,

* This event may count towards the Academic Forum Certificate.