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Grant Fund Academic Forum

Students and associations can apply for subsidy for activities that are educational in the field of science and society ('Understanding Society').

The Academic Forum Grant Fund is anchored in the objectives of Academic Forum. 

Guaranteed subsidies

File an application

You are advised to contact the secretary of the Grant fund en employee at Academic Forum, Annelieke Koster, before officially submitting your request for review. He will consult you on the feasibility of the request. 

What should a request contain?

The request should contain the following information:

  • A letter with a motivation for the choice of destination (including name, address, bank account number, amount of money requested);
  • A research question based on cultural comparison;
  • A travel program in half-day periods;
  • A budget with clarification. Please allow for a 5% contingency budget;
  • A list of participants with their student numbers (SNR).

Submit a request

Submit the final request digitally by email to the secretary, and as a print (eight copies) at the secretariat of the Grant Fund (Academic Forum), room T 125 (Tias Building).

Review applications

Four times a year the committee reviews applications: in October, February (2x) and June.

Applications Deadline submitting applications
February, 2020  February 3, 2020
May/June, 2020 May 11, 2020
October, 2020 October 12, 2020


In principle, payment occurs after the activity has taken place and after submission of a realization of expenditure and revenue. (Please note that the realization has the same construction as the budget of the application). If you want to be in possession of the granted funds earlier, you can request a payment advance.

Studytrips - requirements for application

Study trips contribute to internationalizing student traffic by exploring and discovering other countries and cultures. In the framework of broad academic formation, which is of great importance to Tilburg University, study trips have an added value.

Levels of international experience
Quality requirements study trip
Own contribution and sponsorship
Maximum Grant amounts

Managing Committee - Academic Year 2019-2020

The management committee of the Fund consists of fiveTilburg University students and three Tilburg University employees.

Morag Goodwin (Chairman) Professor TLS
Annelieke Koster (secretary) Academic Forum
Carrie Grootaers Academic Services
Jelle Kanters Student
Anouk Keiren Student
Daan van Os Student
Anouk Smits Student