Human Library Tilburg

Human Library Tilburg

Date: Time: 13:30 Location: LocHal, Burgemeester Brokxlaan 1000, Tilburg

At Human Library you don't borrow books, but persons! Discover what lies behind the first impression of a transsexual, refugee or war veteran. There will also be group talks, lectures and much more. The grand opening is provided by Leon van der Zanden, artist by nature, coach through experience and presenter with self-mockery. Visit the LocHal (Tilburg) on February 13 and have an interesting conversation on people's life story. (language Dutch & English / Certificate*)

Time: 13:30-18:00 hrs. See also Facebook: @humanlibrarytilburg.
Admission is free. No registration required.

Human Library

Human Library is an originally Danish concept that is conquering the world. As a visitor, i.e. reader, to Human Library you choose from the 'human library' a book title that you want to know more about.

You subsequently join the 'human book' at the table and the 'reading' can begin. The book tells his or her story. As a reader you can ask the book all the questions you want and, conversely, the books can ask the reader all sorts of questions. In a reasonably short period - a conversation lasts up to 30 minutes - the readers hopefully allow their prejudices to be challenged. By starting a conversation, the living books hope to contribute to more understanding.

"Very personal stories"

This is the eighth edition of Human Library in Tilburg. A visitor of a previous edition of Human Library said about her experience:

What touched me most was the personal character of the dialog and the possibility that two people who have only just met for the first time can directly share very personal stories. It was a very special experience for me, a wonderful book that I will not easily forget.


During Human Library, you have the opportunity to 'borrow' several human books. You also can visit lectures by a number of Tilburg University scholars as Odile Heynders on feminism,  Max Spotti on immigration and identity, and Henriette Prast on women in economics.

You also can join a group walk 'Walk without Judging'  by Walk life coach Annemieke, or tell your own story to the Listening officer Julia van de Griendt. Especially for this edition of Human Library there is a creative workshop by Yda Sinay, workshop leader and tour guide at Museum De Pont, about the power of stereotyping.


13:30 hrs.   Opening Human Library Tilburg by Leon van der Zanden (Dutch & English)

13:30 hrs.   Exhibition and stories 'Toen mijn vader nog een gastarbeider was' ('When my father was still a migrant worker' - Dutch)

14:15 hrs.   Start one-on-one conversations (Dutch & English)

14:15 hrs.   Start Group talks (Dutch & English)

14:15 hrs.   Start Free Listening with Free Listener Julia van der Griendt (Dutch & English)

14:15 hrs.   Lecture by Postdoc researcher Marjolein de Boer on 'The emancipatory significance of representations of women on infertility reality TV' (English)

14:30 hrs.   Start group walk 'Walk without Judging'  with Wandelcoach Annemieke (Dutch)

14:30 hrs.   Art workshop ‘ De Blikopener ’ (the art and power of stereotypical thinking) by Yda Sinay (Dutch & English)

14:30 hrs.   Documentary 'T is Goed Zo (A Diginified Death) by Jesse van Venrooij in the presence of  Monique de Gooijer, mother of Eelco (Dutch, with English subtitles)

15:00 hrs.   Lecture associate professor Max Spotti on Immigration and rejected identity (English)

15:45 hrs.   Lecture by professor TiU Henriette Prast on Women in Economics (Dutch)

15:45 hrs.   Art workshop ‘ De Blikopener ’ (the art and power of stereotypical thinking) by Yda Sinay (Dutch & English)

16:00 hrs.   Kopje Soep met Ingrid Hazenberg (cup of soup with a life story) in collaboration with FoodLab and Stadstuinderij (Dutch)

16:30 hrs.   Lecture professor TiU Odile Heynders on Feminism (Dutch)

18:00 hrs.   End

How can I join?

Human Library Tilburg takes place on Thursday, February 13 in the LocHal, Spoorzone Tilburg.
At 13:30 hrs. is the festive opening by comedian Leon van der Zanden.
From 14:00 to 18:00 hrs. you can walk in to borrow a living book or to attend one of the group talks or the short lectures. Visitors may choose a book at the desk until 17:30 hrs. and conversations take place no later than 18:00 hrs.
Admission is free, registration is not required.

Leon van der Zanden

More information and contact

Want to stay informed about the available book titles, the group discussions and the lecture program? Then follow Human Library Tilburg on Facebook: @humanlibrarytilburg. Interested in participating as a living book? Send a non-binding email to naar

Questions or remarks?
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Human Library in Tilburg is a collaboration of Academic Forum (Tilburg University), the Midden-Brabant Library and the study associations Animo and Complex.

*  This activity may count towards the Academic Forum Certificate. You are expected to attend at least one lecture, and to read one human book. The report on this event should therefore at least cover these two elements in the program.