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Book title: Blind Russian Student

image human library Blind Russian student

Hi, my dear reader. I am a male book of 27 years old. Currently I am a research master student of Finance at Tilburg University. I have quite an unusual experience of having visual acuity of 80%, 10%, 0.5% and 0. If you are interested if this does make your life and attitude of other people towards you significantly different? I will tell you everything  what I know. In a couple of words: you need somehow adjust your habits and lifestyle, but much less than you maybe think.

I am also Russian. Traditionally, Russia for Europeans is Vodka, winter and radical politicians. If you have never met any Russians and think, that you have some prejudice against that country, hopefully I can diminish some of them.  Any country is first of all people. We are different indeed, but not so much as you can imagine. Anyway, let's have some fun ;) Take me from the human bookshelf and, I promise, you will not be disappointed!

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