Night University 2019 algemeen

Economics: Temptations and the freedom of choice

Date: Time: 20:00 Location: Cube 219

NIGHT TALK - It is a myth that good information leads to good choices. According to emotion economist Henriëtte Prast, this is not all bad news, for example, for ‘social marketing’ (language: Dutch).

“People who are well-informed and who are free to decide will choose what suits their own wishes and goals. And so we need to protect the free market and provide good and easy-to-understand information.” That is a myth! Every person is a doer and a planner. The doer acts on the spur of the moment, the planner looks to the future. And is also selective in his/her use of information. The bad news is that companies use this knowledge to tempt people to make choices that are not in line with their own goals. The good news is that policy could use this knowledge for ‘social marketing’ for individuals and society. With emotion economist Henriëtte Prast, Professor of Personal Financial Planning.

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  • Speaker: prof. dr. Henriëtte Prast
  • Category: Night Talk
  • Language: Dutch
  • End time: 20:45 hrs
  • Organized by: Science Cafe