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Human Library: Prejudice Zoo

Workshop: Like people, animals too are subject to prejudices, not only in terms of people’s affection for or aversion to them, but also in regard to whether or not they are considered fit for human consumption.

In this edition of Human Library, the prejudices about animals held by different cultures will be the theme of dialogue and discussion. It is important to understand culturally determined attitudes towards animals and to get rid of prejudices!

The Human Library concept

In a Human Library, the 'books' are people who have all experienced or are experiencing a particular prejudice in their lives. They are willing to share their life story and, for one afternoon, they are a book that can be read. The book title describes the stereotype they represent. The visitors, i.e., the readers, choose a book with a story on which they have certain presuppositions or questions. They subsequently join the book at the table and the ‘reading’ can begin. The book tells his or her story. The readers can ask the book all the questions they want and, conversely, the books can ask their readers all sorts of questions. In this way, the readers hopefully allow their prejudices to be challenged.

Language: English

Organization: I*ESN & Human Library Tilburg

Location: Dante Z10

When: 04 October 2018 20:30

End date: 04 October 2018 21:30